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Proud of you!!!!! Continue to use your voice... if you speak up... there is no silence...thus it cannot be mistaken as consent.

~Ms. Brown

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CBI is here for helping with the problems citizens face when a loved one becomes a part of mass incarceration. We are UNITED to get to a place on common ground with systematic issues with mass incarceration. Our MISSION IS TO GET TO THE PLACE WE SHOULD BE. NOT THE PLACE WE ARE AND HAVE BEEN STUCK IN (JIM CROW) ERA. WE THE PEOPLE ARE UNITING FOR Truth, Integrity, Protect, Commitment, Service. Creating Change for those Incarcerated. Bringing humanity where there is none. Helping the incarcerated to have a voice. Provide resources to Loved ones of the Incarcerated. Inform, report and provide hope for a future without the inhumane treatment inside the walls of mass incarceration. WE WANT TRUTH & JUSTICE TO TRULY BE THE AMARICAN WAY. NOT THE CURRENT STATE OF LIP SERVICE.


We will fight for inmates & their loved ones.

Once you file your official complaint you will be contacted based on crisis level... not first come first serve. We take all things serious at CBI.  and sometimes there are people in worse situations than others.
CBI will begin to work for you and advocate your problem by dealing with Dept. of Justice & Dept. of Corrections by notifying them of the situation. At that time CBI will request a formal internal investigation by them. At the same time CBI will contact the place in question and notify them of our request for a report on the situation. We will ask for full transparency. We will recommend actions you can consider doing as well.
WE have the tools and the experience to help you. Our work has been ongoing and we are staying the course to help becasue the time is NOW. We are on GROUND ZERO here in Florida. We are in every state and we are open for business. Services are pro bono because we know it must be this way.
We care because WE are WE THE PEOPLE.
Peace, Love & Justice for ALL!
Thank You,
Citizens Bureau Of Investigations TEAM