JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Two men who spent more than 42 years in prison on a conviction in the murder of a Jacksonville woman were freed Thursday after a recently formed unit of the State Attorney's Office found there was insufficient evidence to find them guilty and a judge agreed.

This release of Williams and Myers occurs after an investigation by the Innocence Project and the State Attorney's Office Conviction Integrity Unit, which State Attorney Melissa Nelson impaneled last year to re-examine questionable cases. This is the first case the unit has investigated that has led to an inmate's release.

Judge Cox, noting that she was 3 years old when the crime happened, called her review of the volume of material in this case a daunting task. But based on her review, she found there was insufficient evidence to convict in the case and contradicting evidence has come to light since, causing her to grant the motion to vacate the convictions.

“Justice demands the granting of these motions,” Cox said.

Recently, CBI learned that many cases need review. Kenneth Wilson III was tried and convicted without evidence. Now, all the Prosecution is suspect because there is proof of gross and calculating prosecutorial misconduct by the prosecutors. They had no case so they created one. They used false testimony and coerced confession of young Wilson to convict. Another unfortunate example of a life swiftly placed into mass incarceration.  For then Innocent and barely 18 Wilson was told by police he would cause his mother to go to jail and his then 5-year-old sister to go to foster care; if he did not confess to the crime he was being accused of in 2011. After holding Wilson and intimidating, bullying, lying and evoking fear... they coerced his confession. Today there is enough corruption in his case to exonerate Wilson on multiple counts of corruption. Furthermore, the witness tampering and other illegal moves by the prosecution alone cause his most recent 3.850 Judge to write a 72 page denial response. This alone is alarming. The response is not only odd for an appellate judge... but mostly immoral and lawless to cover for his former colleagues transgressions in Jacksonville, Florida?

To further give reason to explore the case of Kenneth Wilson and others convicted under (shamed off the bench) judge Hulsey. Mark Hulsey was plagued with scandal in early 2017 and resigned due to racist remarks he made. Apparently, that judge forgot to remain impartial when it came to race. Every case of color that went thru his courtroom should be on Do-OVER. Those of non color need to be looked over for FREE passes too. Wilson is of a very colorful heritage & decent. Thus his Godmother Andrea Maynard always stated something was wrong with everything she heard. She went to the Duval courthouse; in support of young Wilson for every hearing and his trial. Soon after she passed away. Now Wilson is serving his eighth year incarcerated and stuck inside mass incarceration. He was given 2 life sentences for the crimes they alleged. It's your typical Making of A Murderer or, When They See Us we see now with falsely convicted and the incarcerated by the numbers today.